Bradley Trammel Photography


About Brad…

I love dancing under the stars, eating cookies before a trip to the dentist, and catching the in between moments. I enjoy it when someone comes to me as shy as can be. Seeing them open up, and that moment after that they can even see the wonderful they can offer the world. The spark in deep in the eye that we all miss, but I get to see when your guard drops. That’s when you hear the click of the camera, flash of the lights, and a memory for your grand kids exists forever.

How it works

All the fun with less stress


First we plan


Next We do your session


Then order what you love!

and only what you love…

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Once you decide to work with us and pay your session fee. We will sit down (or goggle chat) and talk about how you would like to be photographed. Choose from studio, on location, or a little of both.


After we planned, this part can be enjoyable. We get to relax and have the fun of being the model you have always waned to be.


Once your session is done, it takes about a week to edit all your photos. We will get together. Then you will get to see them and choose what you would like to print. You only order what you want. No minimum purchase required. Choose from a preset package, specials, or build your package!